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How much does it cost?

If you are doing it for charity, you can sign up for as little as £200 and fund raise from £1,100 to £1,550 for a charity of your choice. Or if you are self funding the challenge, prices are from £750 per person for a land only package to £975 per person for a flights included package. 


What's included?

  • Participant area on website- kit lists/training plans 
  • Saharan Challenge App
  • Return Flights - London to Marrakech (not Land Only)
  • 3 nights camping & 1 hotel (twin share)
  • Camping equipment (excl. sleeping bag)
  • All meals, snacks & drinks
  • Full support team incl rest stops & medics
  • Doctors & Podiatrist throughout
  • Rest stops
  • Mapped & guided route
  • Fizz & finishers medal
  • Pre-event briefing in London
  • Celebration dinner & party at Camp
  • FREE place on one of our 50km UK Ultra Challenges!

Are flights included?

You can book our flights included package for a seat on our return group flights from London to Marrakech. Alternatively you can also book a land only package to book your own flights.

Can I fundraise for charity?

Yes - you'll pay a £200 registration fee and commit to a set minimum fundraising target. 80% of the target is due 10 weeks before the challenge when the charity will pay for your place on the challenge and your remaining 20% is due no later than 4 weeks afterwards. Just give us the name and contact details of the charity you'd like to fundraise for in your registration and we will contact them for you. We suggest you wait to start fundraising until you have had confirmation that they will accept your place on to the challenge. 

Will I receive a pack from you?

No - all correspondence from Action Challenge is done by email. You may, however, receive a fundraising pack directly from your charity. If you are waiting for a pack from them, it is best to contact them directly.


How do I register?

Decide if you would like to complete the Saharan Challenge for yourself or for Charity. Next, would you like us to book your flights or prefer to book them yourself. Now take a look at the different packages available and decide which is best for you! 


What do I pay now?

Pay a £200 non-refundable registration fee to secure your place on the Challenge. 

What do I pay later?

If self funding, the remaining balance is due 10 weeks prior to the challenge.

If doing it for Charity, 80% of your fundraising target is due 10 weeks prior to the challenge. The remaining 20% is due no later than 4 weeks afterwards.

What details do I need to book?

You will need to complete personal and medical details to complete your registration. You'll also need to complete passport, insurance and flight details (if land only) 12 weeks before the challenge starts using the same registration form. 


How tough is it?

There's no denying it - this is a tough challenge by anyone's standards. It will be physically and emotionally demanding! You will have to combat fatigue and tiring limbs as you battle through the challenge! 

On top the two marathons in two days - you'll also be up against rocky terrain and the heat! 

You will need to prepare - and should read the training advice issued carefully. The more comfortable you are with walking long distances for sustained periods the more comfortable you will be on the challenge.

A training plan will be issued in the participant's area of the website to assist in your preparation for the event and we organise regular training walks to get you fitness levels up, as well as to give you the experience you require which will really help you to complete the challenge!

How much will I need to train?

Ultra Adventures are tough events and training is essential for everyone. Preparation is key and will aid your enjoyment of the challenge whilst ensuring that your body is up to the rigors of the event.

It is very important for all competitors to train properly and build up endurance and resilience thresholds, alongside your base fitness. This will enable you to cope with the distance and provide you with the ability to recover between stages during the challenge.

You will have access to an event specific training guide to aid with your training and preparation, it can be found in the Participant's Area.

What about food & nutrition?

Food and drink is fully included in your challenge! Approximately every 12-13 km there are manned checkpoints and replenishment stops where water, fruits and snacks are provided!

The event catering will be mixed, varied, delicious and plentiful, with calorific intake a priority. Both Western and local foods will be available.


Is it fully supported?

We go above and beyond to make sure you have all the support you need so that you can concentrate on completing the challenge. This includes regular rest stops with shade and refreshments, support vehicles, guides, signed route, medics and podiatrists.

What is the camping like?

3 nights of the challenge are spent in our private Bedouin Camp. At the heart of the camp we have three open plan mess tents carpeted with Moroccan rugs for seated buffet dining and water stations. Accommodation is based on two people sharing comfortable tents with an single supplement option available for an additional £120. The camp also has large shower and toilet tents. 

What do I have to carry?

There is plenty of food, water and sun cream at the rest stops so you need only carry a small bag with your vital pieces of kit such as water supply and personal first aid kit.

How do we find our way?

It is easy to find your way as there is a clear trail to follow with pink flags, plus you'll have a route map to follow and guides to help show you the way.

What about the heat?

You'll need to be comfortable walking in heats in the high twenties. Do your best to stay hydrated, wear approraite clothing and use sun protection!


How do I start fundraising?

Once you have signed up to the Challenge and recieved contact from your chosen charity, you can set up your online fundraising page by logging on to Just Giving www.justgiving.com. Once you have set this up you can start sending out the online link to all your friends and family to start collecting donations!

Your charity will also send you a welcome pack which will give you advice and support on how to go about your fundraising plans.

What if I fail to reach my fundraising target?

Ultra Adventures are events for charity - and therefore by signing up you are committing to fund raise the minimum sponsorship for your chosen charity - with 80% of that fundraising total due in to your charity 10 weeks prior to the Challenge. 

Failure to meet the initial target could result in you being unable to take part in the challenge. However this is down to the discretion of the charity and will be decided on a case by case basis. If you are cancelled from the Challenge, you will be given the opportunity to pay your own costs on the Challenge (become a self funder). The event is tough - but in may respects that makes it a bit easier to find willing sponsors, as it is no ordinary charity challenge. 

As a team can we pool our fundraising?

Yes - as long as you are all fundraising for the same charity - you can create a team fundraising page on Just Giving - we also recommend that you let your charity know this is how you will be fundraising. You will still have to reach the combined total amount as the target is per person, not per team.

Can I fundraise for any charity?

Yes - list any one charity you would like to fundraise for in your registration and we will contact them for you. The charity must accept you onto the Challenge and we suggest you do not start to fundraise until you have had confirmation of this.

Can I fundraise for more than one charity?

No - you must one select one primary charity for whom all your fundraising will be in aid of - this is because your charity will pay for a portion of your place on the event, out of the fundraising generated. If you still wish to fundraise further for another charity, you can do so on your own terms as long as you reach the minimum target for the first charity. 

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